Logo Designing June 3, 2019

Deccan Premium Tea

From the fields to their customers’ mugs, our team wanted to serve the feel of premium quality teas. Considering the name implies it is a premium product, we chose a royal premium color palette. Further, we wanted the logo to reflect the essence and nature of the company with its initials. This process led to the witty design we have today.


Create a logo that effectively represents Deccan Premium Tea as a premium and sophisticated brand. The design exuded a sense of luxury and exclusivity, immediately capturing the attention of the target audience. It was distinctive and memorable, symbolizing the premium range of teas offered by the brand. To ensure long-term brand recognition, the logo had a timeless appeal, avoiding trends and fads. Throughout the design process, we prioritized

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    UI/UX Design, Art Direction

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    Deccan Premium Tea

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