The Top 20 Makeup Influencers to Follow for Beauty Inspiration

Introducing the ultimate guide to the top 20 makeup influencers you need to follow for endless beauty inspiration.

Trends and customer demand have always been the driving forces behind the beauty industry, but in recent years, the emergence of social media has fundamentally changed how goods are advertised and distributed. 

Particularly in the makeup space, influencers have grown to be strong voices in the business, using their platforms to showcase new products, share their knowledge, and generate discussion about the hottest trends in beauty. 

With their tens of millions of followers and lucrative brand alliances, these influencers have emerged as crucial figures in determining the course of the beauty business and boosting sales for both well-known and emerging brands. 

This article’s goal is to spotlight the top 20 cosmetic influencers who are now dominating the market and examine their distinctive aesthetics, brand allegiances, and influence on current beauty trends.

The Impact of Makeup Influencers on Beauty Trends

The development of cosmetics gurus and the growth of social media have caused a dramatic shift in the beauty business in recent years. It is impossible to overestimate these people’s influence on beauty trends given their enormous followings they have garnered on social media sites like Instagram and YouTube.

By offering a more relatable and approachable approach to makeup, makeup influencers have upended the conventional beauty industry. They frequently post cosmetics advice, product reviews, and tutorials, presenting a range of styles that are doable for their followers. As a result, people feel emboldened to experiment with makeup and express their own distinctive style, which has led to a democratization of beauty.

Influencers in the world of makeup have contributed to the spread of certain beauty trends in addition to product promotion. For instance, many influencers have been posting lessons on how to get a natural, flawless appearance, and the “no-makeup” makeup look has recently been very popular. Bold and vibrant eye makeup has also gained popularity, thanks to influencers like James Charles and NikkieTutorials.

By promoting inclusivity and diversity, makeup influencers have also had an impact on current beauty trends. Many influencers have pushed brands to offer a wider variety of shades and products that cater to a variety of skin types and tones in the beauty industry by using their platforms to advocate for greater representation in the sector. 

However, there are some difficulties associated with the influence of makeup influencers on beauty trends. Influencers who promote unattainable beauty standards or who promote unethical or unsustainable products have drawn criticism. Furthermore, some devotees might experience pressure to use the newest cosmetics or fashion trends, which could result in overspending or feelings of inferiority.

Overall, cosmetic influencers have made a big difference in the beauty industry and helped create a variety of fashion trends. Their influence and scope are anticipated to increase, which will fuel the industry’s expansion and further evolution of beauty trends.

Painting Faces to Perfection: The Top 20 Makeup Influencers to Follow

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Huda Kattan


53.2 M


Jeffree Star




James Charles








Jackie Aina




Patrick Starrr




Manny Gutierrez




Wayne Goss




Laura Lee




Tati Westbrook




Desi Perkins




Bretman Rock








Nabela Noor




Alissa Ashley




Carli Bybel




Mari Maria




Katy DeGroot




Laura Mercier




Mario Dedivanovic



Huda Kattan 

Huda is a Dubai-based makeup artist and beauty influencer known for her eponymous makeup brand, Huda Beauty. Her Instagram account showcases her creative makeup looks and tutorials, as well as new product launches from her brand.

Jeffree Star

Jeffree is a makeup artist, beauty influencer, and entrepreneur who has built a successful cosmetics empire. His Instagram account features bold and colorful makeup looks, as well as sneak peeks of upcoming products from his brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

James Charles 

James is a popular beauty YouTuber and influencer known for his makeup tutorials and artistic makeup looks. His Instagram account showcases his stunning makeup looks and features collaborations with major beauty brands like Morphe.

Nikkie de Jager

Nikkie is a Dutch makeup artist and beauty influencer known for her transformative makeup tutorials. Her Instagram account features her latest makeup looks, as well as behind-the-scenes glimpses into her life as a beauty influencer.

Jackie Aina 

Jackie is a beauty YouTuber and influencer who uses her platform to advocate for inclusivity and representation in the beauty industry. Her Instagram account showcases her bold and colorful makeup looks, as well as her activism work.

Patrick Starrr 

Patrick is a makeup artist and influencer known for his glamorous makeup looks and collaborations with major beauty brands. His Instagram account features his latest makeup creations and showcases his larger-than-life personality.

Manny Gutierrez  

He is a beauty YouTuber and influencer who goes by the name Manny MUA and has a sizable fan base because of his cosmetics reviews and tutorials. He has worked with well-known companies like Maybelline and Morphe and is renowned for his daring and imaginative makeup designs.

Wayne Goss 

Professional makeup artist and YouTube personality Wayne Goss provide tutorials and advice on his channel. He has collaborated with famous people like Madonna and Naomi Campbell, and the beauty business holds his brand of cosmetic brushes in high respect.

Laura Lee 

Laura Lee is a well-known beauty YouTuber and influencer who posts a variety of material, including lifestyle videos, product reviews, and makeup tutorials. She has worked with companies like Too Faced.

Tati Westbrook 

Tati Westbrook is a beauty YouTuber and influencer who has gained a reputation for her honest and thorough product reviews. She has her line of vitamins and beauty supplements and has collaborated with brands such as Birchbox and Halo Beauty.

Desi Perkins  

Desi Perkins is a beauty YouTuber and influencer who offers makeup tutorials, beauty tips, and lifestyle content. She has collaborated with major brands such as Quay Australia and Benefit and has launched her line of sunglasses.

Bretman Rock 

Bretman Rock is a social media personality and beauty influencer who gained fame for his makeup tutorials and comedic content. He has collaborated with brands such as Morphe and Colourpop and has been featured in magazines such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan.


Known for her beautiful beauty lessons and makeovers, Christina is a makeup artist and content developer. She posts numerous colorful and imaginative beauty looks on Instagram along with behind-the-scenes looks at her work.

Nabela Noor

Nabela is a YouTuber and beauty influencer who is of Bangladeshi and American descent. She utilizes her platform to advocate for diversity and body acceptance. Her Instagram feed combines fashion, beauty, and lifestyle material with unfiltered, in-depth observations of her life.

Alissa Ashley 

Alissa is a makeup artist and YouTuber who focuses on beauty. She educates her audience through tutorials and reviews. Her Instagram feed showcases both private moments from her life and her trademark bright and flamboyant makeup looks.

Carli Bybel 

Carli is a YouTuber and beauty influencer who has amassed a sizable following thanks to her makeup tutorials and lifestyle videos. Her Instagram feed mixes personal reflections and memories from her life with posts about beauty, fashion, and travel.

Mari Maria 

Mari is a Brazilian makeup artist and beauty influencer who has amassed a following for her daring and vibrant makeup looks. Beautiful images and videos that display her skill and creativity as well as moments from her private life can be seen all over her Instagram account.

Katy DeGroot 

Katy, also known as Lustrelux, is a YouTuber and beauty influencer who instructs her audience on how to apply makeup and look good. Her Instagram page is filled with a variety of fashion, makeup, and other topics.

Laura Mercier

A household name in the cosmetics industry, Laura Mercier has created an empire around her name-brand products. She posts gorgeous makeup looks, product recommendations, and behind-the-scenes views of her job in the beauty sector on her Instagram account.

Mario Dedivanovic

One of the most sought-after makeup artists in the world is Mario Dedivanovic, commonly known as Makeup by Mario. He has collaborated with many famous people, but his work with Kim Kardashian is what made him most famous. He shares insights into his life as a celebrity makeup artist on his Instagram account, along with product recommendations and cosmetic lessons.


Finally, following makeup influencers on social media can be a great way to stay current with the newest trends, methods, and product releases in the beauty industry. The top 20 beauty influencers we’ve singled out provide a wide range of content, from instructional and product reviews to inspirational looks and artistic works. Makeup fans can discover new techniques, tools, and ideas for their makeup looks by following these influencers. 

To broaden their reach and engage with prospective customers, firms in the beauty sector might profit from working with these influencers. In general, cosmetics influencers have a big impact on how the beauty business is developed and how people express themselves via makeup.

In addition, keeping up with the top 20 fitness influencers on Instagram in India can provide you with valuable motivation and insights into health and wellness.


Which makeup influencers should you follow for beauty inspiration?

The top 20 makeup influencers to follow on social media for beauty ideas include people with sizable followings on sites like Instagram and YouTube. They are renowned for their extraordinary makeup talents and their capacity to design distinctive styles that serve as inspiration to others.

What makes an excellent makeup influencer?

A competent makeup influencer should have in-depth knowledge of various beauty products, be an expert makeup artist, have a unique sense of style, and be able to motivate their followers with their appearance. Additionally, they ought to be real, relatable, and charismatic in order to connect with their audience.

What kind of material do influencers in the makeup industry normally post?

Influencers in the makeup industry frequently publish articles with techniques, product reviews, makeup looks, and advice on how to look good. They might also publish articles on lifestyle, haircare, and skincare.

How do I locate makeup influencers to subscribe to?

On Instagram and YouTube, look for beauty-related hashtags to identify makeup influencers to follow. You can also ask friends or other influencers you already follow for recommendations.

What advantages do makeup influencers offer?

You can get ideas for your own makeup looks, learn about new beauty tools and methods, and stay current on the newest trends by following makeup influencers.

What are some well-known makeup companies that influencers recommend?

Influential makeup artists frequently promote well-known cosmetics lines like Huda Beauty, Fenty Beauty, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and Too Faced.

Do makeup influencers exclusively support luxury cosmetics brands?

No, cosmetic influencers are allowed to tout both luxury and budget-friendly beauty products. To appeal to a larger audience, many influencers offer a combination of affordable and upscale goods.

Can we trust the reviews of makeup influencers?

The influencer makes a difference. While some makeup influencers may provide frank and objective product reviews, others might simply highlight goods they are paid to support. It's crucial to conduct study and adhere to trustworthy influences.

What are some tips for recreating makeup looks from influencers?

When recreating makeup looks from influencers, it's important to use similar products and tools. It's also essential to practice and experiment with the techniques until you achieve the desired result.

Can following makeup influencers be a career?

Yes, following makeup influencers can be a career. Many influencers have turned their passion for makeup into a full-time job by creating sponsored content, launching their beauty brands, and partnering with beauty companies for collaborations and endorsements.


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